Stitching and Crafting – Nellie Will-do Progress

Can we please talk about how excited your sister was when she saw this badge?

I am a little obsessed with latchhooking and it never gets the recognition it deserves. My mom bought me a simple one for Easter when I was twelve, and i’ve been hooked (haha puns) ever since.

I picked up the most difficult project I’ve ever attempted. It will definitely take me over 100 hours.

Beginner – 25 hours


This is my progress after 25 hours – approx. 30% done


Each Other – Reading ‘Riting and ‘Rythmatic

As stated in my previous post, I love to read. However I am very interested in this badge because it is more than just reading and will stretch me out of my comfort zone.


Beginner – Reading:

-Pick out three in three categories: fiction, non-fiction, and poetry & read them


Fiction – Ramona Blue

Non-Fiction – Tough Cookies  In Cold Blood

Poetry – The Witch Doesn’t Burn in This One


Intermediate – Writing

-Write one short story of fiction, one persuasive essay, and one poem. Read them aloud to your friends or family, or share them on the Farmgirl Connection chatroom.

-Refresh (or learn for the first time) the rules of grammar: try reading Woe is I: The Grammarphobe’s Guide to Better English in Plain English by Patricia T. O’Conner, or Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation by Lynne Truss.

Expert – Arithmetic

-Refresh your math facts by helping a child with homework or playing math games on the computer. Up the ante by adding in algebra.

-Some fun books to try that are anything-but-dull-textbooks are the Life of Fred books by Stan Schmidt

Each Other – Bibliophile

I am a huge book nerd. So much so I even have my own book blog here! So I figured this badge would be a great starting place for me.


Sign Up for a library card – I did this when I moved to California last year

Start your TBR Pile – My TBR is actually 800 books deep. I am fairly active on goodreads, my username is Missaidan. You can find my TBR here.



Challenge your fellow bibliophile to a reading contest. – I actually am in a group For Love of a Book on Goodreads and Life & Lit on facebook, where I do monthly challenges. I am starting a challenge on my book blog at the beginning of July that is hosted by another blog. So I will count that for my challenge.

Join a book club – As previously stated I am an active member in the book groups above, which are like book clubs but way more active and fun.

TBR – Choose two books & read them

I’m Reading:




Ramona Blue – For Pride Month

Bone Gap – For a For the Love of a Book Challenge.



Have a party for the winner of the challenge – Since this is a virtual challenge, it would be very difficult to have a party, but the winner will be announced on the blog and celebrated there.

Start organizing your shelves – I will redo my shelves for this badge

Start a Little Free Library – I started a little free library at work, with donated books (mostly from me) but also from others. We have chairs nearby for people to read as well.


Each Other – Blogging

Today I got my Farmgirl welcome kit in the mail, and I am ready to start on my “adult Girl Scout” journey. I am starting this blog as part of my ‘Blogging’ merit badge, and I intend to use it to keep track of my badges and progress.

Beginner Blogging Badge:

Step 1 for the Blogging badge is to read ‘Blogging for Creatives’, which I have downloaded and will begin tonight.


Step 2 is to pick a topic you are passionate about. Well I’m extremely excited to begin my journey as a farmgirl sister, so I chose to write about that

Intermediate Blog Badge:

Step 1 is to start your blog. I am starting this blog for the purposes of this badge.

Step 2 is to Pick a name, Farmgirl Aidan, and to publish the first post, well here it is!

Expert Blog Badge:

Step 1 Publish at least 10 posts with photos.

Step 2 Create a network