Each Other – Blogging

Today I got my Farmgirl welcome kit in the mail, and I am ready to start on my “adult Girl Scout” journey. I am starting this blog as part of my ‘Blogging’ merit badge, and I intend to use it to keep track of my badges and progress.

Beginner Blogging Badge:

Step 1 for the Blogging badge is to read ‘Blogging for Creatives’, which I have downloaded and will begin tonight.


Step 2 is to pick a topic you are passionate about. Well I’m extremely excited to begin my journey as a farmgirl sister, so I chose to write about that

Intermediate Blog Badge:

Step 1 is to start your blog. I am starting this blog for the purposes of this badge.

Step 2 is to Pick a name, Farmgirl Aidan, and to publish the first post, well here it is!

Expert Blog Badge:

Step 1 Publish at least 10 posts with photos.

Step 2 Create a network



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